The 3rd Annual Groova Sessions, organised by Pezo Motrax, was a big “jump”, with ZuluMafia, Malankane, Noxious Sole, Malumz On Decks, Pezo, Neo and Dladla on the 1’s and 2’s.

Most people went to church for whole night prayers on “Good Friday” (14 April). Some, nathi s’yazibala, did attend, but our service was held at Bahama Bar (Kwa-Thema) and DJ’s were our preachers. (Laughs) Hey, jokes, jokes, jokes, man!

On the real, now… Pezo Motrax’s Annual Groova Sessions took place on 14 April 2017, at Bahama. The vibe was ‘tops’. People came considering it was cold and a Passover.

DJ’s mixed it up, playing between Deep House, Soulful House and Broken Beat. Malankane, who played before ZuluMafia, began his set mellow with Soulful House, mainly instrumental, and closed it with Deep.

ZuluMafia continued where the former DJ left, dishing out Deep House and eshubisa iz’nto, it was as if they had communicated on how to play; the two sets complemented one another.

Noxious Sole, Malumz On Decks, Pezo, Neo and Dladla played dope tunes, too.

Attendees were happy and had fun, smoking their hubbly bubblies, cigars and drinking expensive whiskeys. That’s how people roll at Bahama, papa.