With the Afrothentic Ya Badimo getting House music fans on a craze, you would assume DJ Murda and Smol would stay at home promoting it, but nope! Black Motion have two singles planned for release under Defected Records. Last week they dazzled Mixmag with their energetic performance at Lab London before celebrating Defected 500th release.

Black Motion released their 100% authentic Ya Badimo album two weeks ago under Sony Music Entertainment (SME) Africa. On 1 November 2016, Mixmag revealed next year the duo will drop two singles with Defected Records. Hence, they flew to England to perform at Ministry of Sound’s 500 party. Before they went there, Mixmag’s Lab London had to get a taste of Spirit Motion.

Mixmag Lab London is a weekly live stream, the world’s best DJ’s showoff their skills at this party office. Karizma, Atjazz, Sven Weisemann and Black Coffee are a few who’ve graced this showcase.

Black Motion’s performance was stunning, as usual. The English audience was entertained with drums, timbales, cymbals, snares and smooth mixing. DJ Murda and Smol took them through an Afrocentric journey. Songs with African rhythm from their debut studio album to the latest music filled Mixmag’s office with joy.

You could see the shadows of people dancing, moving and clapping their hands. Some were fading in that thrilling “Hooo!”.

When Black Motion’s performance ended, Mixmag’s crowd clapped hands and screamed more. The MC could not reserve her excitement, she closed off by saying, “That was outstanding! I’ve to say that was probably my favourite Lab of the year.”