Okay, so after a bit of a hiatus, the music review team is back, hopefully with a loud Bang than the usual. We might have been on a break, but man, abo mapressa, like Bob Belvhest, have been busy in the studio’s cooking up atomic bombs. It gives me great pleasure to see that our smallanyana industry is in great hands and growing at a phenomenal rate. The quality is getting even better than their international counterparts.

So, let me get to the meaty part, the music. Today we zone in on real life cousins, Dane Jafta and Bayden Benson. They go by the name Bob Belvhest and waar waar, ba spanna grand together. “Both of us have a wide variety of musical tastes and backgrounds but work well together as we are influenced by similar styles and genres of music…” is what they wrote on their social media accounts and judging by what one hears when they press play, ke nnete.

Reading through their musical influence one gets a sense of nostalgia. Having been influenced by Jacking House myself, hearing that Bob Belvhest draw their inspiration from Chicago House had me all mushy.

Mind Gum, the EP, released under one of South Africa’s influential label, Just Move Records, is a 2 track offering, kicking off with a Chicago House inspired title track ‘Mind Gum’. The track gives off an aura that draws some influence from Deep and Afrocentric House genres, with atmospheric strings and a jacking, thumping drum pattern driving the track swell. It’s a balanced piece of art that will add color to any DJ set.

Chance B is the second and closing track, continuing from where the first left off. The bass guitar lays the foundation with random electric guitar riffs adding some jazz feel to a jacking track. A runaway pad and some granular keys maintain the essence of House prevalent on this ensemble.

If you have been sleeping on this duo, it is time to stand up and take heed. Bob Belvhest is here and they showing no signs of stopping anytime soon. You can follow the crew or get yourself a copy of ‘Mind Gum EP’ from your favorite music seller.

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