NKOSINGIPHILE (SOULPOIZEN) NGIBA has been in the ‘game’ for seven years, but in such a short period he progressed from being a DJ, House Music Producer to owning a music label which his current album ‘NATURE FREQUENCIES‘ is released under. FUNSION_SA had a chat with him to find-out more about his debut.

FUNSION_SA: Take us back,when did you start producing?

SOULPOIZEN: I started music production back in 2007, at the time I had been interested in Rap/Hip Hop… So,that’s where my production capabilities emerged.

FUNSION_SA: Which production software do you use?… and which musical instrument do you use to produce?

SOULPOIZENFL STUDIO 10/11.  And I’m comfortable with my 49key MIDI keyboard.

FUNSION_SA: Years back you used to collaborate with BLAQ SOUL, was releasing an album one of your goals when you started?

SOULPOIZENYes,it has been one of my goals when I started my music career and I hope to work on more in the future, and include people who I’ve been looking up to. We’ve worked a lot together with BLAQ SOUL and other guys, we also did a couple of projects as “RAWSOULKRU” comprising of myself, BLAQ SOUL & SOULE VILLAIN.

FUNSION_SA: Wow! We didn’t know about that crew. Who did you collaborate with on this album and why?

SOULPOIZENI have DARIAN CROUSE(USA), THUKIE(Tzz Productions, SA), C-NE(SoulO Music) and I included remixes I did for MONOCLES & SLEZZ & ROOM 806, and STEVAAN (SoulO Music). I tried to keep this piece as simple as I could, hence not including too many people on production, as time goes and I grow my brand even further then I can broaden the sound I am focusing on right now.

FUNSION_SA: Ah, THUKIE, how was it working with him? He always sounds like he has fun in studio.

SOULPOIZENIt’s a great experience, he has been around much longer than I have, so, we have fun in studio and he shares his experiences at the same time, which helps because you can never know it all. But he’s one of the greatest vocalists to work with!


FUNSION_SA(Ha ha!) I can imagine. Before you started working on this project, what did you have in mind with regards to the listener?

SOULPOIZEN: I aimed at giving the listener something fresh and unique, but not complicated. (Ha ha!) And I tried to accommodate a variety of sub-genres within the house genre.

FUNSION_SA(Ha ha!) “Not complicated”; ‘ear friendly’, that’s understandable. You are specially popular for your AFRO-DEEP House and TRIBAL House productions, so, which are the other sub-genres included and did you keep your signature?

SOULPOIZENFrom the beginning, I went more on the SOULFUL side. And YES! The SOULPOIZEN effect is there. (Ha ha!) I felt it was time to grow out of my comfort zone and explore with new ideas.

FUNSION_SA: Yes, it’s important to challenge yourself. Which record company are you under and promoting / distributing ‘NATURE FREQUENCIES’?

SOULPOIZENI released the CD under my label “HERBS & SOUL MUSIC“, but it’s distributed/marketed by MOTHERLAND Distribution & DJ SYNDICATE of the legendary DINO MICHAEL.


FUNSION_SA: How are the promotions thus far?

SOULPOIZENWe’re working towards starting the launch parties this mid September, and fortunately enough ‘1’S & 2’s‘ helped in a way… the brand is not foreign to other media players now.

FUNSION_SA: If a promoter (from any city or province) is interested at helping with the launch, what should they do?

SOULPOIZENThey can email me or call and we can arrange the details; 0744499208/0783638715 or soulpoizen@gmail.com

FUNSION_SA: Cool. How do you keep focus on your DJ/Producer’s career goals?

SOULPOIZENResearching more about the industry, staying up to date with what works and doesn’t. Always finding inspiration to keep the art alive and allowing myself to be mentored by people who have experienced the industry in the previous years.

FUNSION_SA: Besides THUKIE, who else?

SOULPOIZENBETASWEET, my older brother(who’s a gospel artist), BLAQ SOUL, SOULE VILLAIN and a lot of other guys.

FUNSION_SA: Yeah, in IsiZulu they say, “indlela ibuzwa kwaba phambili”. How are DBN House fans towards your production?

SOULPOIZENIt’s always amazing and humbling when I’m out for gigs, the response is overwhelming sometimes. (Ha ha!) I’m a bit shy. But the love is there!


FUNSION_SA(LOL) That’s ‘funny’; a “shy” DJ. DBN is popular for its own sound a.k.a ‘iqgomu’. How many units are you hoping to sell? 

SOULPOIZEN: (Ha ha!) Honestly,I haven’t given that much thought, units won’t move unless I sell SOULPOIZEN as a brand to the masses. For now I’m working on that and we are getting somewhere, we have one video already for ‘sithembele kuwe’ and in the process of working on another one.

FUNSION_SA: That song is a ‘killer’. Is it your current single? How long has it been out?

SOULPOIZENYes it is, hopefully it’ll get airplay soon. We didn’t release it “officially” but people are aware of the song.

FUNSION_SA: Is the album available on legal online stores? Which ones?… and from which physical music stores can people buy it?… Where can they order it?

SOULPOIZENIt’s available at MUSICA stores, we’ll release online after a couple of weeks and when we sure that all the outlets have it.


FUNSION_SA: Seems like you’ve a solid one. Any last words?

SOULPOIZENThank you and I appreciate you taking the time to find out more about the album and me. Lastly, I’d like to emphasize that we go and chase our dreams BUT work hard and let God take charge.