Watch or download the deeply luscious set by CherryDeep playing live at The Jamshack 1520’s Food Lovers Session. Before you do, we have a few words to say.

The quote “Find what you love and let it kill you” has been doing rounds on social media. Many credit it to German-American poet Charles Bukowski. A few think it belongs to Kinky Friedman. Regardless of its owner, CherryDeep is a byproduct of this emboldening quote.

Two years ago, we had a great honour to feature Heidelberg’s princess on our FunsionShow mix-tapes and to interview her. Where asho (she said) straight that, she is “not a crowd ‘pleaser’”. Lesedi (her real name) asserted her belief and clarified courageously what her role is, as a DJ.

As years went on, she got more bookings and was featured on Lars Behrenroth’s Deeper Shades Of House (twice); show #505 and #571. Her brand’s propulsion is accelerated by passion and self-understanding.

With only three years of being behind the decks, usisi (sis’) has +3500 likes on her Facebook page, +2300 followers on Twitter and +1700 followers on Instagram.

These results; from getting more gigs and followers it’s all because of her overflowing love for Deep House and being a DJ.

Her sets are evident she dedicates time planning them. The luscious tracks highlight her music comprehension.

CherryDeep has immense devotion. Seemingly, there’s more to come from her.

Watch or download her set below. Don’t forget to leave a comment.

Enjoy. 😉

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