When MTV came onto the scene in the 80’s, pop culture redefined the music industry. Record labels had to start finding creative and expressive visual ways to promote music singles. Years have gone by and the video is still an important piece in promoting music. Today, Chymamusique takes centre stage with the video to his breakout single ‘Follow’.

Featuring Kent Smoke and Yves, the song has garnered enough momentum to be presented visually. The setting remains true to the saying, “I will go to the stars and back for you.”

As the lyrics go, “We don’t know / where we going / but we know / know this feeling / so let go / let it take control / would you follow (Ndilandele)”, the visuals are artistic and filled with travel connotations that stick to the lyrics like a moth to a flame.

uChymamusique has stars and the nebula reflected off his body while he’s on the decks, expressing a sense of far travel. Yves, on the other hand, has an African painting of the sunset, the horizon and human sculptures drew on her body.

Kent Smoke also has a painting on his body, however, his seem like the ocean with the African continent at the center looking like a shell of some sort.

The story is quite visual and the presentation is mind captivating. By viewing the video while listening to the lyrics, one will understand the music far better. The team who put together this project did a wonderful job artistically. The video evokes an emotion of unconditional love and dedication to a cause.

I am intrigued at how much thought is put into producing House music videos of late and glad that the days of DJ’s or producers running for nothing on video and awkward shots of people in taxi’s or clubs are a thing of the past.

We are a bright and colorful nation. We have been storytellers for ages and should pick up where the elders left off, and continue telling stories filled with life and zest.

Watch Chymamusique feat. Kent Smoke And Yves’ Follow (Chyma’s Rendition) below and let us know your views.