Once in a while you want to unwind-nyana with a group of friends over at Busy Corner, drinks flowing, good conversations, inamba iyasho that time. DJ’s track list is a recipe for an epic evening, with dance floor fillers, his mixing is on point, all the makings of a night-out with friends. Most would argue that House music is melody driven, done a certain way, or the drum pattern has to be this way, but when you out and about, you need that hyped up music to get you going.

Emzini KaBaba featuring Megga is one such track the DJ would have played and put the entire venue into a frenzy. It kick’s off with what we have come to know as the Afro House drum, with Megga’s Maskandi influenced vocal delivery. The song breaks into a vibey concoction of toms, some passing wind type effects and piano keys. This is the kind of House music that honestly played a part in formulating what we now see as a flourishing House music industry.

Citizen Deep, formerly one-half of duo Invaders of Afrika, dug deeper into his bag of tricks on this Mbaqanga cum Afro-Deep House track. His musical taste and preference seems to be deeply entrenched in the Afro-Deep space as Citizen Deep explores deeper, fusing various sounds to form an identity. With a sizeable catalog of Afro House releases available on various online music stores, his penchant of fusing Afrocentric rhythms and melodies with a deep drum loop and dark chords makes for a dramatic deep sound.

We might be witnessing a rising star so bopha iphondo, faka ama gogols, ngena estylini an get yourself a copy.