Having been a House music fan for about +/- 2 decades now, it comes as no surprise, but still alarming, how local producers are running faster and faster with the House music baton. A few are running way ahead of their peers while others are making their presence felt. One such producer is Dave-Eaux.

Influenced by Deep and Tech House, he has made it his mission to master the craft of Deep Tech production. His music is full of enigma, yet familiar. Having released some work under the local imprint AfroMove Music, this offering is released under King Six Recordings, based in Tshwane (Pretoria).

As mentioned in his press release, “Expect slick grooves, replete with slow rolling beats, tight percussion and beefy bass in his production.” Dave-Eaux’s EP ‘Treble in Paradise’ is as painted. It’s experimental, deep, and full of chunky bass, polyphonic and atmospheric elements. Seemingly, a step up in production prowess from his previous releases and remixes.

Released end of September, this EP consists of two tracks. Kicking off the track-list is Treble in Paradise, the title track. Its draped with Deep Tech influence, minimal yet powerful. It’s a laid back jam with some Chicago House inspired percussion and atmospheric strings and chunky bass.

‘Fabricated Love’ picks the pace up a bit, yet remains true to Dave-Eaux’s influence. He maintains the atmospheric elements, adding spice and drama to the production.

Going back to his previous EP, ‘Thirsty’, released under AfroMove Music, it is clear as daylight Dave-Eaux is refining his production style and growing as a producer. Keep your ears to the ground for more of his releases or you might just miss history in the making.

Get yourself a copy of Treble in Paradise or stream via your favourite service. You can also submit your music for review at info@funsion.co.za