House music, as a culture, stays forever interesting and evolving. Some may see this as something good and there are always those critics who don’t see good in anything. I for one truly enjoy South Africa’s scene, seeing its growth and being part of the movement that is House music. There’s nothing more exciting to a House head than discovering new music or artists who’re doing wonders underground, as we love to call it.

Our latest discovery at Funsion is Derrick Flair, who’s a Joburg based producer. He has been making music for over 8 years and some of his releases have topped Traxsource’s Afro House charts. Last year (2015) March, Tentoez Records licenced his first project and since then, his catalog has outgrown some record labels. Working with some magnificent veterans and new talent, is one of his pleasures.

‘Kilongo Dance’, an EP he recently released on Italian based label, Isavis Records, continues where he left-off, in terms of standard. It’s a two track Afro influenced album, but still has a Deep House feel.

The first song, my favourite, is suitably titled Impande (meaning a root) and it goes without saying that it can easily get you reminiscing about your heritage. It’s well arranged and not too cluttered with elements at any point. Some of the best producers globally will say, “Sometimes, less is more.”

Derrick Flair changed his style on the second track; it’s different from his catalog. This is one of those mellow grooves for early opening or late night sets, depending on your taste and setting. It has a South African feel, but I couldn’t quite tell what makes it so.

Kilongo Dance is a very cool EP from a gifted producer that I will be looking out for in the future. How he produces makes him standout.

Get his EP on Traxsource or at other major digital stores.