Derrick Flair featuring Kwazoe’s Ngeke (Van Luco’s Afro Mix) is a hip jam for all the dance floors, it communicates with the listener about a proud South African woman.

‘Ngeke’ is a fired up single dedicated to the men in our nation that think they are doing it for the lovely sisters out there, yet amount next to nothing; ama claimara (guys that claim). It’s a catchy and relevant tune tackling issues we, as the youth, come cross.

This track takes you deep into KwaMashu (a Durban township). Its Afro House flavour carries out the vocals of Kwazoe (an upcoming song writer and singer) to a peak and back telling her story about how she gets to meet a guy that promises her the world and more, through spoken word.

Derrick Flair featuring Kwazoe’s ‘Ngeke (Van Luco’s Afro Mix)’ is an Afro House based song with an up pitched hat running through the wonderful synths and basses giving you the rhythm and swing. Its superb Mdubane (slang for Durban) feel will get you nice and lost on the dance floor.

A banger indeed that’s accompanied by the sweet melodic vocals to have you singing along through out. A tasty treat to shake a leg to. The kind of sound to get you in a jiggy.

Get into the beat, Afro Style. It’s a culture more than a feeling. Get your copy of ‘Ngeke’ to keep you warm through the colds. A true clubbers anthem.