How often have you listened to a track that you really, really felt and was curious who the artist behind it was? Has it happened that the artist was local? Someone you could be passing by the streets every single day? Surely that must have got you really excited, knowing that you could rub shoulders with such talent.

I’ve heard many such tracks and met many such artists in my lifetime. I now have a new duo in my radar that I would truly love to meet.

Distant Relatives JHB is an underground House and Techno project of the deeper spectrum. As the name suggests, both gentlemen hail from Johannesburg. They have been releasing music together since 2014 and have released with labels such as Something Different Records, DeepWit Recordings, Ready Mix Records, Just Move Records and Viva Recordings. Their music has received support from local and international heavy weights such as Laurent Garnier, Vinny Da Vinci, DJ Christos, Mark Farina, 2lani The Warrior and many more.

Their latest release on Something Different Records, titled Come On Over EP, truly got my attention. The three track EP can only be described as Deep and refreshing. It’s the type of music that says local artists deserve more credit and we need to stop being surprised when such music is home brewed.

‘Artica’ is the first track and is more representative of their signature sound. It is atmospheric and deep enough. The bass on this track is outstanding and works well with the supporting elements. They also use some tech chords that drive the whole track.

The second track is Come On Over and it is just as deep, but with a little more groove. The track also features some bongos in the background that give it an Afro feel. Their atmospheric sounds can be heard on this one too. They also made good use of a vocal sample that has been modified and masked very elegantly.

Last, but not least is the Jeff Fader’s Deeper Than Deep Mix, a remix of ‘Come On Over’. This is a cherry on top for me and possibly my favourite track. The remix has some disco influence to it, thanks to the bass line. The arpeggiating synths give it that youthful electronic feel.

This is a really cool EP, offering something different to the South African scene and to the rest of the world.