Consistency is core in this House music industry. Whether it be via making music, organising gigs or being behind the decks. It’s a vital trait. And if a list of players who have mastered it had to be drawn, DJ Buhle would not be left-out. Aneva!

For more than a decade, Buhle has been beasting in this male dominated scene. You can line-up any male DJ that comes to your mind and uyoba vithiza (she’d still maul them).

When she gets on the decks, people become hypnotised. She builds her sets up song by song, as if she is molding their feelings to a point of insanity. They get introduced to different sounds, evoking a sense of lust; wishing they were the ones playing that track and getting high fives for introducing it.

She gives them familiar styles, making them have emotions of belonging. Then she makes her audience reminisce, their hands in the air like it’s a church service. By the time her set is finished, they’re left with awe and the spell breaks, like, “What just happened?”

The male DJ’s? Well, they become puppies with tails between their legs as a lady does it better.

Besides having an in-depth experience, she is versatile. DJ Buhle plays Deep House, Deep Tech, Funky House, Soulful House and Lounge. Also, she uses turntables and CDJ’s.

Hopefully her set at The JamShack 1520 puts this view into perspective.

Audio and video download links below.

Enjoy. 😉

DJ Buhle live at The JamShack 1520’s Lovers Sessions video.

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Download Audio

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