Not everyone in the music industry is after fame, money or everything it comes with it, others who are similar to DJ Chase, prefer making an impact by being behind the scenes. DJ Chase has a lot of hits under his name, from Kwaito to House music songs, and has worked with respected artists, yet he is very grounded and humble. On this feature he talks about working with DJ Ganyani, DJ Mbuso, The Family Gathering and Kabelo.

“Who’s this DJ Chase you’re yapping about,” you may ask. He is a multi-talented producer, songwriter, keyboardist and House music DJ. In his circle they call him Tibi, which is from Matibisi Ntshwana (His real name). In 2003 he studied Contemporary Music at the National School of The Arts.

Some of the songs he has produced or co-produced are DJ Ganyani’s ‘Xighubu’, ‘Be There’, ‘Not So Far’, ‘Talk To Me’, BlackJack’s (Kabelo’s group) ‘Amajekeje’, ‘Good Life’, Thembi Seete’s ‘Thuntsha Lerole’ and Panache Boys’ ‘Dreamer’, to mention a few.

Grooming and assisting artists in reaching their full potential is his passion. This year, I think, it dawned on him that not being exposed is limiting him from getting in touch with artists who would need to be groomed or helped with their talent. On our feature’s first part, he spoke about his plans further emphasising,”In order for me to reach as many people as I can, and as many talents as I can, I really need to put myself out there.”

DJ Ganyani (His DJ mentor), DJ Vinny Da Vinci and DJ Christos are South African DJ’s he looks up to. “I love the legends; I love Vinny Da Vinci, I love Christos, I think he is amazing,” he said. Their style of playing, track sequence and how they’re always in control of the crowd impresses him more than anything about these prestigious DJ’s.

DJ Chase Talks Working With DJ Ganyani,DJ Mbuso,The Family Gathering & Kabelo (Pt 1)


On part 2, he revealed DJ Mbuso was one of his first House music production guardians or mentors, while the young Tibi was still in school. Mbuso would give him “tips on how to arrange House songs”. The founder of Phezulu Records once advised DJ Chase there’s no formula into making a hit, which the latter proved wrong, after Hugh Masekela gave him and his band some revelations.

Bra Hugh’s revelation only resonated with Tibi, other band members didn’t accept or couldn’t understand it. He used this formula on the hits we’ve been blessed with. Those Tsonga music elements we heard on BlackJack’s ‘Majekeje’, DJ Ganyani’s ‘Xighubu’ and ‘Talk To Me’, and currently those African sounds on The Family Gathering feat. Mariechan’s ‘Life’ (The song playing on the background of these videos) are birthed through Hugh’s revelation. “You need to always make sure you incorporate your African elements,” said Hugh Masekela.

Through all his achievements, he keeps himself grounded. His Christian beliefs guide him against arrogance, negative industry behaviour and focused on his talent.

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DJ Chase Talks Working With DJ Ganyani,DJ Mbuso,The Family Gathering & Kabelo (Pt 2)