Watching the legendary DJ Mbuso playing live will definitely brighten up your mood. Besides the music, how he expresses happiness in what he does is reminiscent of a kid’s freedom, no worries whatsoever.

I don’t think it’s necessary to mention is’pani sa-grootman DJ Mbuso; I’m referring to his contribution to Mzansi’s scene . Anyways, he mentioned something, something is on the way about his work. So, ‘Imma’ be quiet and wait to see what gets revealed.

Back to his set at Master T-Rox’s birthday, where Aliphatik and Poizen (House Victimz) played a one-on-one. DJ Mbuso’s set followed another legend’s one, Harrison Crump, who performed or sang his classic House songs. The crowd reminisced and was mesmorised.

Kuthe kungena i-grootman (when DJ Mbuso got on), zajika izinto (the atmosphere changed). People took out their cellphones, began shooting videos and pictures, and they danced like there’s no tomorrow. Zawa!

You could see naye, he was enjoying it. Busy dancing, smiling, making hand gestures and interacting with the crowd. His mix was a mixture of sub-genres, instead of having one House music sub-genre.

Dr Duda, Mobi Dixon, Bhizer, DJ Fisherman and House Victimz were some artists’ music he played. Oh, and an unreleased remix for ‘Phezulu Ambush’, a track he did with DJ Nastor.

Download DJ Mbuso’s mix here or watch his performance below.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think. Enjoy.