When JunkOnMe introduced one half of Western Deep, they called him “The Analogue Man”. That was not clear enough. If Drew was dubbed “Marty McFly”, probably people would have been ready for what occurred.

Drew, a member of Western Deep, a Deep House production duo from Johannesburg, took the crowd back to the future.

His mixing was too smooth. Ever listened to a DJ, attentively, and be in anticipation to hear the next song fading in, but you don’t hear it and realise after minutes that tracks have changed? (Hopefully this makes sense. [Laughs]) That’s how Drew mixed. On top of that, it was on vinyl!

The crowd was ‘Shazaming’ some of his music, but ‘dololo’ (nothing). You could see disappointment on their faces (Laughs).

Drew built a solid foundation for TanZzanite with his Deep House and Deep Tech set.

Download his mix by clicking here.

Smooth. 🙂