In the short time I have been in the industry, even I know that a name change is a big deal. This is only for the brave. you have to understand that a name is a brand and defines who an artist is, in a way. Imagine your favourite brand changing its name, what do you ask for when you get to the shop? I mean, you have memorised this brand’s name for years and made it part of your life. A new name makes it feel like a different brand, does it not?

Dwson, aka Dawson, has made a courageous move with his new EP titled ‘Sool EP’. Not only has he changed the name, but the feel of the music is just too nice. The Cape Town based artist has decided to change his name as well as his sound on his new three track EP.

I truly love this sound. The slow tempo makes the music very soothing, yet it is still groovy. First up on the EP is Leaf. The chords are simple, yet very effective. I always say sometimes, less is more and this is a perfect example.

‘Sool’ is second up on the EP. It also has the same feel of simple and effective chords that represent the definition of House. The bass line stands out on this one.

Last, but not least at all is Rosey. The most groovy song and my favourite. Keeps the same theme of the EP with simple chords and a mad bass line.

If you are a true House head, you will most likely enjoy this one. Although the BPM is slow, the tracks still sound great at faster BPMs. Dwson is an artist to look out for and I think there will be greater things to come from the Cape.

Grab yourself a copy from Traxsource or other major digital stores. Let’s support good music, it inspires the artists to do more.