Female DJ Network (FDN) Nights proved lady DJ’s are on par with their male counterparts. The only thing left to wipe-out all other skeptics it’s a female DJ’s versus male DJ’s challenge.

I’m sure the ladies would win hands down! Phela, they’ve a point to prove… Eish! I’m derailing from the topic at hand.

When Lady Zeejay invited me to their gig at Kospotong, Gandhi Square, I thought, “I’ll take some photos-nyana and my debt will be paid. Like I do at other gigs.” But I ended-up having fun at work; dancing carrying my Canon 600D camera around the neck, ne ke saka, papa!

Those ladies made me forget I was there to work. The track selection was on point, setting the right ambiance hour to hour, while the track sequencing and mixing was super smooth.

Speaking with Lady T, DJ Puggy and Misfit, I learnt Female DJ Network is more than a movement. It’s changing lives and giving ladies a chance to live. This was further elaborated by Lady Zeejay and DJ Linc.

Just watch the interviews below.

Lady T on Female DJ Network:


DJ Puggy and Misfit on Female DJ Network:


Female DJ Network reps have their say: