Femme Kollektive Experiment makes a bold statement with their successful launch at Rockerfella, Soweto. Male and female DJ’s from different influential movements supported the ladies only organisation in numbers. Fortunately, Funsion was there to witness it.

According to some astrologers, we’re currently in the age of Aquarius. They say, “An evolution of consciousness is occurring as we transition into a new era.” This is where more ‘free-thinkers’ will rise, old structures of domination will fall and individual freedom will no longer be restricted.

Hence, in our scene we see movements like Female DJ Networks, which believes female DJ’s should be given the same platform as gents. This is only one example of the rise of ‘free-thinkers’. Surely, you know more.

Last week, 8 December 2017, at Soweto’s Rockerfella, another women only organisation breaking old structures was launched. Named Femme Kollektive Experiment.

It was “formed in May 2017” by five DJ’s “with a river deep love for music across genres, time and space,” their Facebook page read. “The collective was formed in an effort to circumvent the somewhat exclusionary nature of the male-dominated DJ industry,” you see? Old structures will fall. (Smiling)

“The collective embraces music as a platform for finding and offering healing to the creators and listeners of music alike. From Jazz to Soul, Pluto to Mars, the quintet defines itself as boundary pushers, out-of-the-box thinkers who will, along the journey, share, liberate, excite and educate those who walk with them,” continued their page’s About.

On this night, owners Tsaki Zibi, Wenawedwa, Thuli Majozi, Sumthin Brown & Bontle Kgeletsane were on the decks supported by SediSoul and Lady Bliss. These ladies rocked their crowd with blissful jams carrying the bold abstract sounds radio choose to reject. Their sets were echoing the injustice being served to good music which listeners are starving from.

We have good faith they will succeed in their mission and more people will be fans.

Go to their Facebook page – Femme Kollective Experiment, to know more about them.