Picat Da Italian had one of most anticipated events this year. Everyone, from gents to ladies, DJ’s to organisers, could not wait to head to Bahama Bar for the Italian Elegant Xperience. Legends like Glen Lewis, Vinny Da Vinci, Kid Fonque were pilots for the night. Boy, oh, boy, zawa!

Deep House events are usually about the music, nothing more. Bhuti Picat, though, has a different angle to it. He wants people to dress up, show up, dance and have fun like never before. Hence, his gigs are organised like it’s a show.

There’ll be colourful lighting,  beautiful decor and a properly arranged set-up for seats. Attendees are made to feel important and to expert an experience. Maybe that’s why he named ama-gig akhe Italian Elegant Xperience.  Hmm?

At-least this is my view about his events. I can bet my pinky, again, there are a lot more others who were blown away by this year’s gathering. Probably they’d testify and agree it was enticing. Further, it exceeded any set boundaries within the ‘underground’ community.  Stru! 🙂

As Funsion’s member, you’re fortunate we got this captivating Xperience on video.

This year’s line-up had DJ China, Mtoffy, Zeedan, Ralf Gum, Glen Lewis, Kid Fonque, Miggs Foreal, Thabo Phalatse, Vinny Da Vinci, Trev The Japanese, Buddha TK and Nana.

One of the videos, to be published for the first time, it’s of Glen Lewis enza ama ada. Watch it, download its audio or visuals below.

Don’t be shy to comment with your views.

Enjoy. 😉

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