Building a fan base is one of the challenges upcoming DJ’s have, some think since they are good at playing people will automatically follow them. They want fans, they want to have a following , but lack strategic plans on how to go about it. We will share how one could do this, it has worked for some before and definitely it might work for you.

Please note that at-least your mixing or playing skills should be average before wanting to build a fan base; you can beat count, mix songs at the right time and can beat match, maybe for 70% of the time you play (Just sucked that from FRANCIS GRASSO).

These points will be in summary, next part on the topic shall have more details.


We all know club or pub owners, managers, and event coordinators are very stingy with money, they would rather pay you with drinks because any ‘Tom, Dick and Harry’ DJ will “play for free”. Which from the perspective of managers makes sense; they want to make money and not lose it (A topic for another day). Therefore, if you encounter such ‘devils’ you may struck a deal to benefit your career; to be their resident DJ. In other words, if you want to play at a certain club (N.B: This place must be a good platform for you to promote yourself) and the manager is holding back the ‘dough’ you want, ask to be their DJ. The attendees will notice you, depending on how good you are, they might talk about you to other people (Word of mouth is the most powerful), want your contact details, mix-tapes, etc…


If you do not have a mix-tape, you should continue reading ’cause this is directed to you, but first answer this, why are you still stuck in the ice age? ‘Wakey, wakey’! Just kidding… Anyways, the aim of mix-tapes it’s to exhibit your style of playing, how you mix, the genre you play, how you build your sets and to promote yourself (Very important). They are handed-out to people who have heard you play before, people who might book you or who want to book you, colleagues, friends, family members, relatives, taxi drivers, club owners, managers, event organisers, other DJ’s, we could go on… Oh, one other important thing about them, they should have your contact details, your social network information, at-least (We have saved more for the next part; we are not done).


Maybe this part was supposed to be first. We all do things and share them with friends, who eventually tell others about us or how good we are at mixing or dancing, whatever. Your first fans should be your friends, they will share their opinions with you on how you play, whether you are bad or good. So, start here, share your mixes with them, tell them to come listen to you while practising, ask for their honest opinions, tell them to be brutal and take their advice (As long as it’s aligned with your vision).

Yep, that’s all folks. As we said, this part was only a summary. We will go deeper next time.

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