A few days back I was listening to Jazzuelle’s set, recorded live at Kat La Kat’s Strange Signals EP launch in Soweto a couple weeks back. The track selection was on point, and the mix well timed and executed. It’s a mix of Deep, Soulful and airy House music dished out by the Capetonian with a neck for electronic and atmospheric sounds.

This week, ‘Blood Moon’ by Jazzuelle featuring Da Capo reminded me of that faithful day when both Producers/DJ’s blessed the Rockerfella crowd with music for the soul. As expected, a collaboration between these two prolific producers is no short of classic material. The track is composed of runaway piano rolls, keys and atmospheric strings with a stringing pad and stunning baseline that drives the track steadfast.

The tune has a bridge section made to dazzle you with delight. It draws you in with a string orchestra and a Rhodes sprinkled with some cinematic elements and vibe percussion.

Taking a bit of a flashback, one would get the feeling that Jazzuelle and Da Capo have duck deep into their arsenal of electronic mastery to give us this lively song. With Jazzuelle’s previous releases boasting similar cinematic elements fused with electronic. He has managed to carve a path for himself that’s unique to him.

His take on combining Nu-Jazz, Electronic and Deep House elements has blessed House music sets with a catalog of dance floor fillers like ‘Undercurrent’ and ‘Forget Me’ featuring Lazarusman, while featured on a few DJ’s top 10 lists and has garnered him respect amongst his peers as a DJ of note.

It’s no wonder Get Physical saw it a must to sign this talent up so as to share his creative take on dance music. He sure still has a long way to go in this highly contested market and industry. But with such talent and prowess, I don’t ever see Jazzuelle stopping anytime soon.

Get yourself a copy of Blood Moon or stream from your favorite service provider.