It goes without saying that Just Move Records sets the record for 2017 with this calculated move on Eddvin. Known for their catalog of hit makers, the Remember EP expands the label’s reach and forces you, the listener and the DJ of course, to take a step back and listen closely.

Formerly known as Ed Menzo with a list of well-received tracks from previous years, Eddvin hails from Free State. One could go on about how picturesque and tranquil that part of the country is but, we talking music here. The province has had a great rep in the House music scene with producers and singers like Prince Kaybee and Miss P. Eddvin having been an avid Deep House DJ describes his musical taste and sound as Abstract, Downtempo, Experimental and Deep, of which I agree.

The EP kicks off with the title track ‘Remember’, a mellow Deep House orchestrated song, that will have you bopping your head in appreciation.

‘Acid Trip’ is a well crafted hit. The percussion are well placed and lead it well, with a Disco inspired slap bass accompanied by Tech elements.

Dawson takes a stab at ‘Remember’ with his rendition. Taking off from where the original left off, Dawson adds a touch of Jazz with an organ and a minimal bass.

‘Acid Trip’ is given a spin by Shervaan Bergsteedt and Sand Isle. Shervaan’s Ambient Redub mix is an experimental Lounge and Acid type groove. Sand Isle’s Utopia Remix is a Deep Tech inspired piece. It does well to keep you hooked with a catchy baseline, drum-loop and percussion. The pads, electro strings and stabs make it more mystic and possessed.

Sand Isle’s second remix Late Evening Remix goes darker and closes off the EP. The percussion are killer and drive the track up the wall. I could say this is my favourite track, but that would be biased of me, mara still.

If you are a Deep House fan and love it deep and dirty, head on over to your favourite streaming service or grab a copy from your preferred online retailer. It’s an effort well worth your cash yeah!

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