I remember watching a documentary where commentary was made that kids in South Africa, if asked where House music comes from, would tell you it comes from these here shores. Who would argue with them when the House music genre has maintained supremacy and survived infinite downfalls? Once in a while the industry is smothered with relentless talent that stands out from the pack. Many stand out and to name a few the likes of Darque, Da Capo, Tekniq, Luka have made strides to differentiate their sound.

King Beku, a Nigel native, lets his shine do all the talking. When I heard his first track on Age 16 EP, I knew I was in for the long haul. Released under his own label, Longitudinal Music, the EP kicks off with ‘Acid And Bass Reaction’, an expression of individualism. King Beku borrows from Electro and Tech House genres seamlessly, composing a tamed yet catchy track. From the introduction with an airy feel, you are drawn into a mix of slow mid tempo inspired chimes, bass, keys and atmospheric effects.

‘Morpheus’ sticks to the tempo with a gradual uptempo memento. It’s a House inspired track meant for the clubs as it taps well into the mainstream with claps, old school hi-hats, crashes and bells with grunge keys.

‘She Brushed My Cheeks’ has two versions. The first is a radio edit while the other is an extended play. It’s a lively tune, infused with a piano reminiscent of the Marshall Jefferson Chicago House grand piano era. The song is a celebration of the old and the new school, as it borrows from both eras effortlessly. The extended versions have a much longer intro, which gives it more light and personality. You get to hear the piano keys over the bass with some synths and effects.

‘The Other Day’ is a Deep House track without a shadow of a doubt. The bass guitar hits you hard, while the strings and piano keys embrace the arrangement precisely.

‘What Is Soul’ is deep and soulful. King Beku sticks to the tried and tested recipe with a continuous bass serenaded by that Deep House drum loop we have come to appreciate as House music lovers and some strings and effects.

For his first full EP, King Beku does a great job at separating himself from the crowd. His style is a fusion of the old and the new, the baselines are catchy and synonymous with the House music we have enjoyed all these past years. Do yourself a favor and grab a copy or stream from your favorite music retailer. Support local talent.

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