Well, here we are once again doing an introspection of where we stand as South Africans in the thick of things all House music. Uku ringa iwaar (to tell the truth) the label ISAVIS Records (LadyMarySound International) is at the helm of Afro House internationally at this moment in time. It is debatable, but that’s what I have gathered the past few months.

LadyMarySound Legacy Vol. 1 released under LadyMarySound International, a subsidiary of ISAVIS Records, is another chapter in the South African House music dominance memoirs. Having been a publisher and sub-publisher of SA talent from labels Deep Obsession, Rocka Fobic Deep Music, MKR Music to name a few, ISAVIS Records decided to go back to the drawing board. Relaunching LadyMarySound International as their Afro House department, after being in the shadows of ISAVIS for a year, both local and international producers will be given the mileage and attention they deserve.

The artist catalog on ‘LadyMarySound Legacy Vol. 1’ is pretty impressive and consists mainly of indie labels that have been in good synergy with the label. Taking centre stage is Pax the Pianist with ‘Piano Chant (Pax & Vuscare Dap Remix)’, a showcase of Pax’s piano playing skills. His name kind of gives it away, I guess if there was no piano mastery I would be concerned as to why he named himself The Pianist. The song is an Afro House concoction with piano solos and tribal chants.

Thamza’s ‘On That Tip’ gives the compilation some sexiness. The song is laid back, deep and sultry, remaining true to the soulful side of house music.

Buder Prince drops a thumping club track of note simply titled Legends Corner. The track drips Chicago house swag, with all the elements one would expect from a track inspired by the old school.

Other tracks to look out for are Lovemore Deepstar’s ‘Vatic’, which was reviewed here a few months ago.

Rocka Fobic Deep’s deep and soulful Love Potion, drawing influence from Electro, Afro and Soulful. The track’s soulful strings and keys will have you wiggling that big toe.

Derrick Flair, also a feature here on Funsion, gets his fair share of the shine with ‘Deep Lounging’. The track is simply that, a lounging track. It’s one of those Sunday sessions at the park type of track. It will take your mind off anything worrying for about seven minutes and 18 seconds.

Blaq Bone Bushy Feat. Gary B. Lovestone’s Baby, You (112 Vocal Mix) and Chriss DeVynal’s ‘My brothers and I (Original Mix)’ are both deep, very deep. Both tracks have polyphonic elements, organ keys, strings and Techy ambiance. Blaq Bone Bushy adds some synthesizer while Chriss DeVynal opts for bells, and an old school inspired drum loop. Both tracks are different in their own way.

Swati Tribe feat. DeeLyt Social Ills (Original Deep Mix) adopts jazz as an influence. The xylophones and piano sections add some spice to the equation. Reminds one of Nestee Nev’s piano and xylophone sections.

El Vuitton Acayi drops ‘They Don’t know me yet (Main Mix)’ which is laid back, Soulful and Deep. He adds Techy elements but still maintains the deep and soulfulness of the track.

After the success and influence of ISAVIS Records, LadyMarySound International sure has big shoes to fill. Grab yourself a copy or stream this one from your favorite online service provider.

You can submit your music for review to info@funsion.co.za.