After his set on 24 February 2017, at the Crate Digging Society’s gig, Mdu Jackman sat down with us. He poured out his heart and shared ideas on how Mzansi’s House music scene may progress.

For the past years we’ve been chasing Mdu Jackman for a feature, whether via a mix or an interview. When he reached out, oh, boy, I was thrilled!

Criticism is essential, especially if it’s constructive. That’s what le jitha (this guy) is also good at; he doesn’t reserve his opinions and they build. In-person and on his Facebook profile that’s evident.

So, after Mdu Jackman finished playing his two vinyl hour set (he only plays vinyl, by the way), at Crate Digging Society’s gig, we drank from his well. Since we’re on our journey to find out how can the South African House music scene move forward or grow.

He didn’t hold back, not a single thought, nope! Jackman began pointing out problems with radio, stating their main focus is being commercial instead of being musical. That, in return, causes some music makers to produce art which is less of quality simply because nabo bafuna iy’ngoma zabo (they want their music) on radio.

“The problem is we’re not growing because we still depend too much on radio and radio is programming people,” Mdu Jackman pointed out. “There is some stuff local guys do, but… maybe if they take it to radio they’d say, ‘No! Who’ll listen to this? We cannot play this on radio, it’s not marketable,’ maybe ‘it’s not commercial’.”

He further suggested we should’ve projects and workshops (per Mzansi’s province) to empower upcoming producers or artists. Their aim would be to instill knowledge about how the industry works and they shouldn’t be controlled by the powers that be.

Watch Mdu Jackman’s video interview and comment with your views.