Golden Boys Entertainment and Mkhukhu Function Podcast collaborated to cook a storm of a party. On the night attendees were served with boastful Deep and Soulful House songs which complimented the two podcasts earned reputation. Funsion was present to capture it all.

Collaborations often workout best for the culture. Look at Euphonik and DJ Kent forming KentPhonik. Or, DJ Fresh and Glen Lewis who released a joint album, Gate Crashers Meet Afrikha. Of recent, DJ Shimza’s Thursday residency at Andclub, where DJ’s known for specialising in different sub-genres of House music were on the line-up.

Some benefits are record sales, cross marketing and unity. No matter the results wonke umuntu and the scene gains.

Mkhukhu Function Podcast and Golden Boys teaming up brought about unity. The former from Phiri’s Soweto has two members, DJ Phephe and Fearz. Golden Boys is originally from Witbank, Mpumalanga, but they reside in Tshwane. Ezra, DJ Luu and Oscar Mbo are owners.

On the night, supporters for both podcasts came to show love. Some were from Tshwane and others Soweto. Some fans saw Golden Boys members play live for the first time and for the crew, it was also their first gig in Soweto.

This event removed any barrier thought of and all enjoyed House music under one roof. The two working together signified they want what’s best for Mzansi’s House scene, which could be growth and oneness, amongst others.

Also, their listeners or fans can now crossover contributing to each of the podcasts numbers.

We just hope there’ll be more collaborations.