Back in 2010 and 2011, Oscar P released this single, to much fanfare with remixes from the likes of Abicah Soul, Gianluca Motta and Max Castrezzati, J&M Brothers, Angel Pina and Fresh Sol to name a few.

With years passing by and dance floors banging, it appears that ‘Violet’ inesifutho (packs a punch), sustaining a sizeable momentum that sees South African producers adding some Mzansiness to the equation.

This year sees locals Ta-Ice, Iklwa Brothers and Infected Soul taking their deserved positions amongst game players like Abicah Soul, Halex M and Loic L to give a new perspective to the track.

Ta-Ice kicks off the tracklist with an Afro rendition of ‘Violet (Ta-Ice Remix)’. He lays down Marcus Pearson’s vocals timeously, arranging the song around his vocal delivery. There’s a Chicago House influence on percussion, while shakers and a string pad, supported by a polyphonic synth make the composition solid.

The Iklwa Brother’s rendition of ‘Violet (Ancestral Vybez Iklwa Mix)’ is also a piece of the puzzle making up the South African sound. This song kicks off with an intro made up of toms, drum loops, snare swipes, wind strings and some organ keys. Once it reaches its peak, you are faced with a banging deep bass, more pronounced piano keys and organ.

Last, but not least is Infected Soul with ‘Violet (Infected Soul Remix)’. His remix begins with an Afro percussion and drums, leading to a concoction of Deep, Soul, and Afro. The song breaks into a solid bass driven melody, accompanied by toms, pads, strings and synths.

The single is composed of 5 Remixes, with Abicah Soul and Halex M and Loic L also lending their sound to the release. Abafana base lokshin (Our boys from the hood), Ta-Ice, Iklwa Brothers and Infected Soul, really delivered serious heat on this one.

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