Radic The Myth, member of Duduza’s Audio Evolution Crew (AVC), shared his ten minutes long Our Love Child EP’s preview Soundcloud link on social media last month (May 2016). From the beginning of it you feel as part of his story described by heavy chords, hard kicks and high claps. This is his way of taking the listener through a journey, expressing his emotions via music (The best way he knows how) and sharing what he has experienced within the nine months. Yes, nine months. He is expecting a baby in July. “Hence, the name ‘Our Love Child’,” he explained the reason behind this awesome EP.

Njabulo Kgobisa, his real name, was a rapper before coming across the sounds of House music. His family, especially his older brother, influenced him the most to be a Hip Hop fan. He believes “fate” introduced him to House, as one day his mother’s neighbour was playing “old school House”. His curiosity got the best of him and he began enquiring about this genre. Church Grooves by Oskido, Mthi’s Essential Selections by DJ Tokzen and Soul Candi Sessions by DJ Mbuso were amongst the CD compilations he would collect.

As he grew older, he had an interest in music production and became “very fond of Atjazz”. He considers him a genius, “Everything about him is of genius and I love the fact that everything he touches turns to gold.”

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Our Love Child EP, has four tracks; ‘care free’, ‘oh she’, ‘our love child’ and ‘she’s in you’. His love for his unborn child inspired him to make this release. “I decided to capture the feelings that I’ve for her,” Radic said with a smile.

The difference between his previous releases and this one is he experimented more; he was true to himself and to the sound he enjoys. He will drop it on 7 July 2016, on Soundcloud, for free.

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We went further discussing his thought process for each song. On ‘oh she’, he was scared, confused and disappointed. He said he took an hour, broken down into different days to make ‘care free’.

Watch him talking about how he made each track and listen to his dope EP. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts on comments.

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