Yaz it’s a constant feature in many conversations, amongst House music lovers of course, how a sudden flood of great music is hitting our shelves of late. One would think we making up for the comedy and tragedy, of course, plaguing our country, but we soldier on and music is the order of the day.

So Get Physical Music decided to drop this mix of Afro, experimental and Deep House bangers. It’s a well-rounded label based in Germany with a sizeable catalog of releases. Cape Town based DJ and producer Ryan Murgatroyd is on mix and track selection duty. Now for those who have no idea who Ryan Murgatroyd is, look up Crazy White Boy.

The mix, Get Physical Presents: Africa Gets Physical Vol.1, is a blend of Afrocentric sounds, earthy vibes, soulful treatments and deep chunky bass tunes that drive dance floors across the country into a frenzy. Aero Manyelo’s Mooki kicks off the track-list on a deep Afro sweat drenching killer. The tribal elements and chants makes this track eargasmic for sure.

Kanna by Ryan Murgatroyd follows suite on a Deep and Chicago House inspired piece. The piano keys and techy sound effects drive the track well, giving it character.

Thor Rixon’s experimental acidic offering ‘Theresa Toy’ featuring Theresa Troy, takes this mix to the next level. It’s a Deep Tech-infused track with a punchy drum loop.  

‘Forget Me (Jazzuelle Winter Solstice)’ by Jazzuelle & Lazarusman drops the tempo a bit by adopting a soulful approach. The song is laced with soulful keys, deep bass, cinematic effects and “that thing”.

BehrEllips pairs up with Crazy White Boy on ‘The Forgotten People’, an Afro house blend of tribal treatments.

Blanca Mazimbela’s ‘Phezulu’ is a deep groove with a sultry Afro vocal delivery atop a head bopping arrangement.

Vox Portent delivers a guitar laced experiment. The tune borrows well from Electro, Tech and Deep House genres and does so impressively.

‘God’s Window’ is another perspective to House music as Bruce Loko maintains his experimental ways of mixing sounds and disciplines into one. The keys and drum loop makes the song quite memorable.

Mr Luu’s ‘Ryan’ is another Afro House tribal effort, while Gumz’s ‘Juelegba’ is a combination of Afro sound and Electro.

‘Ntokozo (Freddy Da Stupid Tribe Remix)’ by Crazy White Boy goes apeshit with moog keys, a sexy vocal delivery and tribal percussion.

Emogin by Floyd Lavine is deep and techy with a catchy vox and deep bass, while Gumz fires back with a jazz-inspired bass, an organ and single string guitar. Bruce Loko’s The Ankerstone of Thrain is a dreamy Dubstep type jam that turns into a monstrous beast. Floyd Lavine’s Ayub closes off the set maintaining the experimental Dubstep cum deep Afrocentric sound.

If you were doubting that House could get physical, get yourself a copy or stream at your favorite spot. We just won’t be held liable for the after party!