Soweto’s Serenity Lounge Sessions (SLS) have been running consistently for four years. The #FunkyForYou crew emphasised that they are here to stay!


On a cool Thursday (24 March 2016) night I headed to Soweto, Dobsonville, for Serenity Lounge Sessions ‘3 Man Symphony’ gig which took place at the regular venue, Disoufeng Pub. These are monthly sessions organised by the #FunkyForYou crew; Supreme Socialist, Sir Juice and Domenic.

These sessions began in 2012, the guys would organise them at their homes’ backyards. “We actually saw that there’s a niche in the market and jah! We actually just decided to start-up this,” Supreme explained.

Tebza, the owner of Disoufeng Pub, later approached them. Domenic told me, when I asked why Disoufeng and not other places, he said, “The owner, he gave us that podium, that opportunity. He was like, ‘You can come through, explore your talent, educate people, here at my place’. So, ever since we never looked back.” His smile brought a sense of contentment, as if he remembered that day vividly and he is forever grateful.

To end it, the gents all emphasised the Serenity Lounge Sessions are here to stay with Sir Juice adding, “It been happening for at-least the past four years and it’s still here, it’s growing bigger. It’s just a funky for you thing, you know, and we loving it.”