Straight up, DJ Shimza dreams big. With everything he has his hands on, he recently announced ANDclub’s residency for November. Which is interesting considering the venue’s target audience.

In March this year (2017), Tembisa’s star, DJ Shimza, had shared news he would be playing at SunceBeat Festival. Manoo, Anane and Louie Vega were a few A-list top DJ’s he played with.

Since then, dude has been all over the world, probably every two weeks u-Shimza visits overseas.

DJ Shimza To Be A Resident At ANDclub This November - Funsion

The announcement to be a resident at ANDclub came as a surprise. This Newtown’s ‘underground’ club is popular for having Deep House, Tech House, Techno and Afro Tech events, and DJ’s.

Further, it’s strict when it comes to using cameras. No one is allowed to take pictures, whether of a DJ or another patron. Try to do it and the guards will remind you that no cellphone on the dance floor. There’s a notice by the entrance, about this rule.

One good thing, though, they’ve the best sound system. If not in Johannesburg, probably in Gauteng. If not, maybe in the whole of Mzansi. (Laughs)

Okay, ask yourself, which other SA club uses the Void Sound System? Don’t worry, I’ll wait… (Laughs) Amancoko (joking), man. But, yeah, they use it, the best!

DJ Shimza To Be A Resident At ANDclub This November - Funsion

Considering the genre usually played at AND, it’s a wonder how and why DJ Shimza chose it. Also, why on a Thursday? Maybe it’s all about cross marketing. Hmm? Maybe…

Looking at the line-up, which includes Jullian Gomes, DJ Fresh, Kid Fonque, Phat Jack, Euphonik, Trancemicsoul, China, Jazzuelle and Thee Gobbs. This looks like it’s going to be the dopest Thursday, ever. And (someone else would say, “No punchline intended”) it’s a celebration for House music.

Whatever the case may be, let’s go out to support DJ Shimza’s #ShimzaThursday starting on 2 November 2017.

Shimza To Be A Resident At And Club For November - Funsion