Music has been an agent of storytelling since van tuka. Hence music means a lot to the everyday person in more ways than one. Take for instance that feeling you get when hearing a song for the first time. It’s either drops you right in the centre of a memory or a collection of them. However, the experience is nostalgic in some way or another. Slotta happens to be one of the producers using music to tell his story.

Slotta, signed to Swazi based Antidote Music, is on a mission to create more memories for you. His latest offering, ‘T.H.I.S EP’, which loosely translates to The Human Inside, is a celebration of accomplishments, self-realisation and a lot more. The album is a setting for relentless self-admiration and a celebration of what is within. Scientific stuff I tell you. It’s evident in all four (4) tracks.

The production is atmospheric, experimental and calculated, borrowing influence from Jazz, Contemporary, Deep and Soulful House music. Each song comes with a story, painting colourful retrospectives and pieces of reality into the listener’s life.

Kicking off the track list is ‘Lit Sunset’, which set the mood for the rest of the EP. It is a fusion of contemporary influence, with polyphonic keys and riffs serenading the arrangement. The baseline drives the song with a Caribbean sounding xylophone adding to the ambiance. Expect a soulful and jazzy experience while drifting away to some beach in a secluded area.

Swazi Garrison takes on a minimalistic dub-step approach. It is a concoction of Deep and Soulful House elements, set atop a melodic bass lead. Atmospheric strings and effects add soul to the arrangement, while an organ strums into your soul.

Slotta adds a bit of vocal dazzle to ‘Rain Drops’. The track kicks off with keys and a vox, which will have you stunned for a moment. The drop comes in at a calculated spot, throwing the track into an addictive soundtrack for those long drives or laid-back sessions. It’s a slow and steady offering, with a saxophone ensemble and soulful keys.

Closing off is All or Nothing, taking the heat up a notch. The baseline is deep, with congas atop the drum loop, giving it a bit of Afro finesse. It’s a straight-up Deep House tune with soul. Slotta adds a runaway pad and a Rhodes to the arrangement, giving the song more weight on the emotions side of things.

I can safely sum up this review by saying Slotta is in it to win it. Having had a successful release in the past year, his influence is growing and his taste expanding. Grab yourself a copy from your favorite music retailer.

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