I can count a couple of tracks that break down the ingredients to a dope House tune. If you have been a House head for a minute, you know for a fact when you hear them, it’s about to get buck wild. Splancnic has been sitting quietly in a corner, listening, researching and learning until now.

42 digital releases later, Just Move Records ba galemela lenyatso (making a statement) with the release of ‘K.A.T Kruger EP’, Splancnic’s debut album and introduction to the House world. It should be mentioned that since the promo to this EP dropped, industry players like Dave-Eaux, Lars Behrenroth, label mate Shervaan Bergsteedt to name a few, have given the Eldorado Park native (Eldos, Joburg) a nod.

The EP is a celebration of deep and minimalism. Evidently drawing inspiration from the Deep Tech/ House space, the compositions and arrangements are scientific and calculated.

Have To Give is sly and dirty yet mellow. The drum loop and keys give it that softness while drawing the listener in, only to discover a raucous piece of art along the way. The track boasts a vox that adds presence and color to keep the listeners’ attention at bay.

‘K.A.T Kruger’ on the other hand is like an atomic bomb. The Synth at the beginning welcomes the listener to a storm of mellowness. Splancnic further expresses his love for minimalism by keeping elements as minimal as possible. The track is a dope composition without unnecessary sounds and bloat.

The last track on the EP is Jamaican Worriors, which has proved to a be a favorite with many DJ’s, locally and internationally. It comes with the prescribed House synth keys, adding that harmonic organ feel to the arrangement. It’s an undercover fun track with a silliness to it. Pay extra attention to the old skool influence boasted by this here track. You’ll be very appreciative.

Just Move Records have given us gems from the likes of Rephlex, Bob Belvhest, and Shervaan Bergsteedt to name a few. After listening to Splacnic, one can safely say they have this on a lockdown. Go get yourself a copy or stream from your favorite service.

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