We have seen two episodes of SABC1’s talent show, 1’s And 2’s season 3, and it has been interesting, thus far. On their first, it was an introduction; how and where the auditions were done, which judges were given responsibility of choosing South Africa’s next big star and the top twelve was selected. Nothing much happened, we were excited on behalf of those who made it. On the second episode, that’s where it hits this isn’t fun and games. Mr G was their first contestant to be eliminated, simply because his mixing on the first four bars was bad and, I think, this was his second time entering 1’s And 2’s, they expected more from him. Dude picked up and corrected his mistakes, without using a jog wheel, shouldn’t that skill count for something? (That’s a topic for another day.) On the other hand, Stakev was splendid! He beat matched a Hip-Hop song with a House track, using a pitch control. Not any ‘Tom, Dick and Harry’ DJ is able to do that, especially under pressure of a competition. He showed why he is the ‘Drunken Master’! Surely that threatened his competitors. On this two parts video interview Stakev talks 1’s And 2’s season 3.

Kelvin (His real name), a self-taught DJ and music producer from Soweto, Diepkloof, started making music in 2012. He would spend hours trying to understand how Fruity Loops (Software for making music) works and teaching himself how to play the keyboard. This is his second time on the competition. Last year they dropped him on the second auditions, he had made a promise to come back and boy he is showing them flames, so far. Watch his first part of our video interview below, as he talks about his background.

Stakev Talks 1’s And 2’s Season 3 Part 1


On the second part of the video interview below, the 23 year old talented producer said he had selected ‘Running (Dance Mix)’ one of his best tunes featuring Angie Purple (Get the song here) for the competition. He spoke about how SPHEctacula was enjoying it, how DJ Naves and Prince Kaybee loved his mixing, but at first their facial expressions confused him. Stakev began to think he was “going home” when the names were being called and he couldn’t believe he was part of the group which made it through.

Watch the rest of his interview and don’t forget to watch SABC1’s 1’s And 2’s Season 3 next week Tuesday at 9 pm.

Stakev Talks 1’s And 2’s Season 3 Part 2