Sun-El writes on his website, “I’m on a mission to bring the greatest and most universal dance music of all time back to the airwaves, back to nightlife, back to the dance floor.”

After listening to his EP, Sun-El comfortably forges a place for himself in the House music scene, both eMzansi and eMazweni (internationally). He is not even sitting on a corner, nor behind someone, he is fighting and intensifies his fight to be amongst the greatest. This EP, available via his website,, is a celebration of African heritage, borrowing from Gospel, Deep House, old school and even Afro-Pop.

The EP starts off with the title track ‘Akanamali’ featuring founding member of The Soil, Samthing Soweto on vocals, an Afro-Pop inspired piece with a touch of Gospel, Deep and Afro. Samthing Soweto injects life into the song with his Afrocentric and smooth vocals that tell a touching story. The song’s arrangement is unlike a House track yet the minimal difference is outstanding. He uses a humming voice with the bass and organ section, adding an ambiance and exposing the gospel influence.

‘Goodbye’ feat. Lelo Kamau is a collaboration with DJ Charl. The introduction is edgy with a drum loop accompanied by Lelo’s vocals. Towards the instrumental chorus, a string prepares you for an orchestration of polyphonic vibes infused with Afro percussion. This song doesn’t have a deep baseline, but the grungy bass strings, drum loop, piano keys, and strings do a great job at enticing the listener further.

S-Tone gives ‘Ngentela Ndele’ a spit-shine that will make you squint hannyane (a lil’) cos of its shine. It has an Afro ambiance with the vocals taking precedence due to their vernacular structure. There are trumpet stabs, a catchy baseline and airy effects that give this track an attitude. This is one of my favourite tracks, after ‘Akanamali’ of course.

Closing off the EP is ‘Life we Live’ featuring Les-Ego. Sun-El takes us back to the days of club Gemini and lokshin stokvels. He draws inspiration from Antena’s ‘Camino Del sol (Joakim Remix)’ with a synth bass and old school percussion, with hi-hats. It’s worth noting that this track is on a 45 BPM pace, therefore hits harder, as you are able to summarise each and every section of the arrangement.

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