The Dip Car Wash shut down Gomora as it celebrated its ten years of existence. Beautiful ladies and stylish gentlemen flooded the venue. Amongst their line-up they had MFR Souls and Rhythmique DJ’s, to name a few.

KwaDlozi, the other name for The Dip Car Wash, has been running since 2007.  In celebrating a decade of being one of the forefront leaders of entertainment in Alexandra township, they threw one big banging party.

This highly anticipated gig took place on 3 December 2017. E thomile around 2 pm and ya fela ka-4 am. Yup! 14 hours of partying!

People came in large numbers to celebrate with The Dip Car Wash. The tent, car wash and bar area were full, almost everyone was on their feet. Seemed like the theme was #FillUpTheDipCarWash. (Laughs)

The great thing is the Funsion team was there to capture every milliseconds of this moment. See or download the pictures below to see how it went down!

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