The Rhythm Sessions’ ‘I’m A Specialist’ take me back to my first encounter with House music. It was The Vision’s ‘Laid back & Groovy’ blurting through the speakers at one of my uncle’s stokvels back in the early 90’s. I was hooked from that day forth and never looked back. 

The Chicago House era drove me to tears with its Disco appeal, inspirational lyrics, church type melodies, piano keys, those roaring high hats and thumping drum patterns that evoked a sense of belonging in me. This gave birth to appreciation for acts as Mr Fingers, Byron Stingily and Ten City, Frankie Knuckles,  MAW, Mr. V, master producer Marshall Jefferson, to name a few. 

The Rhythm Sessions ‘I’m A Specialist’ took me back to that state of mind. From when I pressed play to the last track, my big toe was wiggling uncontrollably. It’s safe to say this is a banger. Goes without saying that the title fits the track pretty well. It’s not your laid back type of session tune. This makes for a great night out with friends at your local pub or a club.

Its ingredients are well thought out, giving rise to a piece of art. Piano keys, massive baseline, groovy percussions, a string section and super arrangement make up the track. To add cream to an already tasty piece of art, Sheldon So Goode delivers a superb vocal display; it gels well with the melody while driving the message home.

Taking into consideration that EdSoul and Fang DaRhythm are established House music DJ’s and host a show on Kaya FM, it’s proof these brothers have a solid foundation of the House genre. It’s clear as light the influence they both have acquired through playing and buying music. Their knowledge of crowd pullers and bangers gave birth to a jam that is surely to cause a few late nights for many House music lovers.

The single is stretched out into 5 variants of I’m A Specialist, kicking off with the original mix, followed by an instrumental mix, a dub, radio edit and the album mix. Summer is bound to be HOT!