The Rurals and the international recording artist / song writer, Rogiérs, team up to give us an ardent treat titled Sunnyside. Their release consists of four Soulful House tracks with a touch of Afro.

The original mix of ‘Sunnyside’ by The Rurals featuring Rogiérs is a beautiful blend. Rogiérs’ vocals take you across this soulful up pitched and exciting sound of a catchy solo guitar laid wonderfully over the rhodes, creating a warm feel. Running swiftly on the nice drum pattern, come the percussion, breaking with the kick to keep you bobbing. A wonderful baseline playing over the drums keeps you in the swing of the song.

Two ‘Pretorian’ wonderful producers, Lele X and Miz-Dee, lend their hot talented hands on the remixes.

Lele X gives us a bit of everything from the tune with his nice catchy chopped up solo guitar and rhodes. The bells take you straight into the rhodes and leave you shaking a leg. You can still hear the warm rhodes and guitar from the original with Rogiérs’ vocals easily laid over the groove.

Miz-Dee drops two beautiful cuts, an Orgasmic Remix and Exotic Remix. The former is laid back and has a mad baseline that will make you wish you had an orgasm. This is a jam that will definitely have you wiggling from your toes to fingers. On the Exotic Remix cut, she adds a soothing Afro feel and let’s the rhodes drive it. This is truly a soulful package, without a doubt, and they captured the heat Pretoria has to offer.  

If you love Pretoria’s House music sound, you will appreciate this blazing package by The Rurals, inclusive of hot remixes from Lele X and Miz-Dee.