In the Entertainment Industry trends always change. Today a certain sound is loved. Tomorrow it’s no more. Similar to events. People will fill-up a gig month-in, month-out. Or, a fresh one replaces the currently hot one. Nothing seems to last long. But, this has not affected The Warm Up Jozi.

Founded six years ago (2011) with a simple concept; “to have a series of events in the city, with great selection of music”. They’d occur once a month in Johannesburg, “to celebrate it, through music, art and food.”

The Warm Up Jozi would change venues per gig. Sometimes it’d be at a rooftop, another at a club. Citilec, MiHouseANDclub and Braam’s Randlords were some of their venues.

During winter they’d host them at a house located at Illovo, 20 Hurlingham Road.

The Warm Up Jozi To Have A Gig This December - Funsion

Local and international top-notch Deep House, Tech and Electronic Music acts would be on the line-up. Charles Webster, Jimpster, Vinny Da Vinci, Detroit Swindle, 2Lani The Warrior, Andre Lodemann and Mvelo have adorned these sessions.

The Warm Up Jozi To Have A Gig This December - Funsion

The atmosphere at The Warm Up Jozi was refreshing. Attendees mingled like old friends and listened to music with great relish.  A scene of a bunch of happy music fans.

Similar gigs have come-up, but the level of professionalism haven’t been matched and a sense of connection hasn’t been established.

There was an aura lingering in the midst about their events. An aura of happiness, unity and freedom.

Maybe that’s why people drove from Tshwane, Vaal, Tsakane and Daveyton to Jozi for these events. Probably that’s also the reason other gigs with similar concepts haven’t been able to replace Warm-Up Jozi (not that they were trying to).

The Warm Up Jozi To Have A Gig This December - Funsion

When Phat Jack, one of the organisers, posted The Warm-Up’s logo on Facebook, since we last heard from them in April 2016, people’s comments showed they’ve been longing for it.

He stated the gig will be on 2 December 2017 and more details to be announced.

Let’s hope and pray for the same old Warm-UP feel.

The Warm Up Jozi To Have A Gig This December