The first important step of being a successful DJ it’s to have a plan and part of the plan it’s to know which sub-genre to specialise in. This might take a while to figure-out, but you must master a certain House music genre. Every DJ specialises on something. TREV THE JAPANESE is good with mixing LOUNGE music, PHAT JACK plays DEEP HOUSE, BLACK COFFEE does AFRO HOUSE and VINNY DA VINCI will ‘kill’ you with SOULFUL HOUSE. We are not saying they do not play any other type of House, but these are the ones they have seemingly chosen to be great at.


Lately, most upcoming DJ’s lack a vision for this industry; their minds are filled with celebrity statuses, women and free drinks. Hence, the majority play hit songs and think they are good. There is nothing wrong with that, it becomes annoying when most play the same songs in their set, like it is a radio-station. Let’s rather listen to a jukebox, then. Only those who dedicate time to planning their sets and who pursue to exceed at playing specific House music sub-genres succeed.


Through your set, you can tell a story, take the listener through a journey and yet still entertain your crowd. You can only do this by comprehending House music and it sub-genres. The different type of House include: Deep House, Soulful House, Classic House, Jazzy House, Afro House, Deep-Tech House, Afro-Tech House, Tribal House, Progressive House, the list goes on. You have to know, understand or at-least have an idea of them in-order to decide what’s right for you.


Once you have decided on what to play, do research on the current songs being played and the style of sounds. One of the ways would be through radio-stations, browsing the music from online stores like beatport, Junodownload, etc. going to different gigs, following your favourite DJ (who plays that sub-genre), listening to their mix-tapes or checking their videos on YouTube in search of the sound suitable for you.


When you have chosen the sub-genre and style of sound, practise to mix seamlessly, do mix-tapes and research the type of gigs to play at. This process seems tiring and long, but the results are worth it. The aim it’s to have your own good quality DJ style through which you will become a successful DJ.

We are sure it was not easy for SHIMZA ,but look at him now.