Is the vinyl culture dead? “No, vinyl never deceased,” one would think. “It took a breather for the past years, that’s all,” another might say. The discussion is taking place on social media platforms, at House music events, among vinyl veteran DJ’s and the new generation of DJ’s. Last week’s comments made by Dead Birds (of Grootman Deep) that “vinyl is not back” evoked different views, others were objective, others subjective, some disagreed and others agreed. Solutions to grow it were made, fortunately. If the discussion doesn’t have good input and how to move forward, it will be null and void, I think. The topic is still being discussed and last week (Saturday, 16 July 2016) Tshwane FM 93.6 House of House DJ’s; Regalo Joints, Tekniq, Mr T (Morena T), Sof T and Fredd Deep, spoke about it, we were there to record it on video.

House of House is Pretoria’s most popular House music radio show. It’s aired every Saturday for four hours from 2 pm to 6 pm, hosted by the free spirited, funny and well informed Regalo Joints alongside Tekniq, DJ Fortee and Dvine Brothers. They have digital sessions and vinyl sessions (each takes place every two weeks), where guest DJ’s may come to show-off their skills or promote their music. On this day it was a vinyl session, John Lundun and Rhema Osborne had come for an interview about their latest release. Mr T, Sof T, Fredd Deep and Tekniq were doing their magic on turntables.

The discussion on the vinyl culture began after Sof T’s set and when the interview was done. The first point made was around access, getting vinyl records is hard and it’s costly. As the discussion continued, they spoke of other vinyl DJ’s saying “vinyl is dead”.  Sof T explained playing vinyl is a choice, although times have changed. Further on that, he elaborated how buying vinyl records keeps people employed and how MP3 or digital music is destroying the industry.

Watch the above YouTube video for more and tune into 93.6 every Saturday from 2 pm to 6 pm for the show.