Let’s start off this review by zoning in on the song title, Sangoma’s Theme. Now, a Sangoma as we know, is a traditional healer or otherwise someone very taboo, to say the least. For UPZ to name his new single that, he is quite confident of the creativity bestowed upon this production. I take it he is using the healer and wisdom perspective of the Sangoma, as the track has that healing appeal.

Lifford does a stellar job on vocal delivery, while the lyrics themselves stand firmly grounded. They deliver a story of freedom, adventure and courage. UPZ maintains an Afro inspiration, going with a catchy bass-line and other polyphonic elements. The chorus is catchy and Lifford adds timelessly executed ad-libs playfully. I found myself parrot syndrome style, singing along “Don’t you wanna…wanna” hours later after listening to the tune.

UPZ as a South African producer sure knows the elements to a killer dance floor track as he has never failed to impress his fans. His previous two singles ‘Say What U Want’ featuring Mariechan & Proverb and ‘Pure Surprise (2017 Sunrise Mix)’ have been receiving increased playlist & charting support on SA radio with the ‘Pure Surprise (2017 Sunrise Mix)’ video on rotation on Trace Urban & MTV Base. They gave some form of a perspective of his production skills and choice of instruments and influence. I found myself wondering how he comes up with such. My only gripe with the release though is that winter is slowly sneaking in and this tune is a summer hit in the making. I have a feeling it’ll maintain momentum past 2017’s summer though. (#fingerscrossed)

‘Sangoma’s Theme’ featuring Lifford is a happy colourful song. It’s the kind of jam you want to listen to when driving from work on a Friday afternoon, probably going home to prepare for a night out with friends. It’ll surely warm up dance floors, getting playlisted on DJ sets and throwing crowds into a frenzy.

The single will be released May 5th oniTunes, under soWhat Records. For now, stream it below. You can also submit your music for review at info@funsion.co.za.