In South Africa radio stations still play a crucially important role in the music industry, it reaches millions of people; young, middle aged and pensioners. Which artist wouldn’t want their music to be heard by such huge numbers? We spoke with Cubique DJ to find out how submitting music to radio stations is done and what upcoming producers can do for their music to be played on radio.

Thulani Mabena, famously known as Cubique DJ, hailing from Middelburg, Mpumalanga, knows and understands what type of music gets a chance to be played on radio stations. His 2014 hit single, Low, featuring Denny Dugg is getting airplay to this day simply because he comprehends the basic fundamentals of which music these stations want. If you were to listen to ‘Alter Native’ (his debut album released by Deep Forest SA), you’d probably get yourself a blueprint.

With SABC radio stations being easily accessed; on cellphones (smart and non-smart), cars and Hi-Fi’s, free of charge, your music can reach up to 40 million people (Per Unlike internet radio stations, traditional ones don’t need data bundles; you plug your earphones on your mobile, open your FM Radio app and listen. Public transports, like taxis or metro buses, tune in, too, and you know numerous citizens use these services. Wouldn’t you as an artist or House music producer want your craft to be heard by these people?

Community radio stations get about 8,6 million listeners, per week, according to These stations have their SAMRO licences and since SAMRO would be collecting ‘moola’ on your behalf, again, I ask, wouldn’t you want your craft played on air?

Watch Cubique DJ talks submitting music to radio stations, below. His advice will probably (Highly, I believe) help you understand what your next step should be at increasing chances for your music to be heard by large numbers. He didn’t shy away from sharing his experience and how he does things.