With an increase of DJ’s, female DJ’s and their movements to be specific, one would think all is going smooth for the ladies. But Soweto DJ’s, DJ CSoul and DJ GForce, revealed otherwise when we had a talk about female DJ’s or women in the South African House music scene.

DJ CSoul is the founder of Authentic Ladies Movement, an organisation hosting events monthly focusing on giving different lady DJ’s a platform. DJ GForce has started a movement called Call Me Boss Lady, her past challenges in the industry caused her to think of it hoping to assist other female DJ’s get to the same level as their male counterparts and she will do gigs.

Regarding women’s role in Mzansi’s House music scene, they believe both men and ladies contribute equally. “I think it’s 50 / 50, whatever males can do, we can do,” responded DJ GForce. She went on to say, according to her, the big difference is that they (females) “need to push harder” because it has been a boys club and ‘deejaying’ was started by men. The “push harder” she referred to has to propel them to be on the level of Black Coffee, DJ Christos or Louie Vega, she explained with excitement. “Why can’t we get there? We need to push and that’s what we wanna do, jah.”

With all of their aspirations and skills, there are still challenges, though. “The problem begins whereby we’re not given a huge platform to showcase our talent,” pointed-out DJ CSoul. Hence, they’ve their own movements. She elaborated further on other things she dislikes, like being referred to as a “female DJ”. “I dislike it when we’re described as female DJ’s, I believe that we’re DJ’s; we all DJ’s, although we’re not being recognised, but I’m better than some guys, I know for sure.”

One of the problems they mentioned, which took me by surprise, was the division amongst female DJ’s. These two DJ’s feel there’s a lot of discrimination and a lack of support. They think there’s no sisterhood amongst female DJ’s.

On closing, they called for unity amongst female DJ’s and for promoters to pay-up.

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