DJ Tokzen has been absent in South Africa’s House music scene for 5 years, he made a big return with his FNB Stadium event; Biggest CD Launch for Mmthi’s Essential Selections 7, which didn’t fully meet expectations. In this 3 parts video interview he talks about that, his plan to fight piracy and responds to fans Facebook questions.

CD sales and brand awareness are two contributing factors in this industry which keep DJ’s, producers or artists relevant to their target market. To be in the game they must have a working formula and a brilliant marketing team, but sometimes strategies need to be changed and team members lose focus. That’s what DJ Tokzen faced as a challenge, which resulted in Mmthi’s Essential Selections 5 & 6 not selling like his previous compilations. After the disappointing sales, he decided to take a break, focused on his Tokzen Sound Hire company empowering the African (Black) youth and planned his return. Hence, The Biggest CD Launch FNB event.

He took his time doing research, finding out which producers are new or which upcoming artists can he work with for his compilation, he explained on the first part of our interview, below.

DJ Tokzen Talks About Mmthi’s Essential Selections 7 and Vinyl Records


The legend believes if music was to be first released on vinyl records, the rate of piracy would decrease. He is advocating for the old golden days, where House music was exclusive to certain DJ’s because they’ve licenced it for their upcoming compilations. With an easy access to music these days, physical CD sales have been getting a knock, his idea will help with creating jobs; music shops might reopen and producers or artists will be financially paid.

Watch DJ Tokzen on the second part of our interview talking about piracy and answering fans’ Facebook questions.

DJ Tokzen Talks Piracy and Answers Facebook Questions


One of the burning questions from fans on Facebook, asked by Thokozane Ndala, was “What are your feelings towards the FNB event?” Tokzen explained he “was very disappointed by the weather, I didn’t see it coming.” He elaborated on his reasons for doing his CD launch, how people misunderstood the event and emphasised on doing events using our own resources instead of depending on others.

Watch the last part below and comment with your views.