For seven years Invaders Of Afrika has been doing music for what people call an “underground” scene. They’ve learnt the ins and outs of our music industry and sharpened their production expertise. Today, their hard work is paying off through Nguwe. This single is getting heavy radio airplay, nationally. Hence, we had to talk with them about radio airplay benefits. Watch our video interview below.

Tylo Parker and Citizen Deep are members of Invaders Of Afrika, they founded the group in 2009 and are currently based in Protea North. They did remixes for DJ Kent’s ‘Sunrise’, DJ Bullet’s ‘I’m Not A DJ’ and Bhabha Betasweet’s ‘Unspoken’. In 2012 Black Coffee said, “This track is dope! It has been a fixture in my sets,” referring to their debut single, Walk The Dance. Other club or underground hits like ‘Pata Pata’ and ‘Touch of Jazz’ exhibited this duo’s immense ability to make music the masses could enjoy.

Finding out Nguwe, a single getting airplay on national radio stations, was theirs, took me by surprise. The song is on Ukhozi FM, Metro FM, Thobela FM, Lesedi FM, Kwekezi FM, Y FM and Beats Of London. Its romantic verses and chorus sang by Dindy are contagious. The guitar riffs, by Sol Stringer, and hypnotic keys are infectious, you’d keep asking for more dosage.

How they structured the song and their sudden change aroused curiosity. Why did they decide to alternate their sound? Why target the radio? Were the radio compilers difficult? Did they give feedback? How does the radio work? What are their current benefits of getting radio airplay?

Invaders Of Afrika answered all questions honestly and without holding back.

Watch Invaders Of Afrika talk radio airplay benefits below and don’t shy away from leaving your comments.