XtetiQsoul has released music under well respected international record labels, he has remixes for artists like Eltonnick and Thandi Draai, has worked with Kabomo and Yanda, and is a co-owner of Iklwa Brothers Music. All of these achievements at 22 years of age are wonderful. I met this young Durbanite at his house in Roodekop, Johannesburg, to find-out more about him.

This was my first encounter with Siyabonga Ziqubu (His real name) on a Sunday morning, around 9 am. I wasn’t expecting a short guy. On his album cover; Fantasy, he appears taller, on Y FM’s Player’s Club show interview he sounded masculine and older… I think I told him how surprised I was.

When we got at the house he offered me something to drink, “Can I make you coffee or tea?” Unfortunately, I don’t drink hot beverages, except for whiskey and vodka.

XtetiQsoul made coffee while I waited at his studio preparing for our interview. The moment he got back, we began shooting.

Dude started producing House music while in high school (2011) at the age of 17 years, influenced by his older brother. “He introduced me to the sound, he introduced me to Fruity Loops,” XtetiQsoul said.

Choosing which genre to make was an adaptation of his surroundings. He is able to produce Electro, Hip Hop and Lounge, and only uses Fruity Loops (Currently version 11).

His parents weren’t happy about his career decision, at first. Being a music producer or a musician doesn’t hold weight with Africans. He explained to them in full details his vision and goals by using those who have received their breakthroughs, and gotten successful, as an example for his folks to accept and comprehend his chosen path.

In 2014 they saw Black Coffee’s post on social media saying Siyabonga is “talented”. “You’re becoming more recognised,” they told him after seeing that post.

The following year, he dropped his album, Fantasy, under Universal Music.

Know more about XtetiQsoul by watching this video: