Yuba Recordings preview upcoming releases for us. Pretoria’s record label, co-owned by brothers Ak Afrika and Mr Milla, have planned to drop two releases this year; Tiger Stripes Ep and Love Is The Answer single. We met them at Malvern (JHB), at Mr Milla’s studio to listen to what they have been ‘cooking’.

Their independent label was started four years ago (2012) by Ak Afrika, who has music under England’s label LW Recordings, Germany’s Tenor Recordings and ERIJO, and South Africa’s Duma West. They have released soulful and afro packages. In May 2014 ‘Yuba Collective’, a compilation featuring songs by Darbuka Tribe, Rocio Starry, Lyrik Shoxen and the label co-owner himself, Ak Afrika, was dropped. Last year two Afro House singles called ‘G-spot’ and ‘House Is Our Home’, and a compilation were released.

The two brothers decided to form a partnership in the past year. Ak Afrika only knew his ‘bro’ as a DJ, when he found-out he also made music, he thought it’d be better to form a tag team. Milla explained during our video interview that he felt he had to be ready, as they were telling us about the label’s background and vision.

Yuba Recordings Background and Vision


Sunshine was the first song we heard, it was produced by Ak Afrika and Mr Milla. The former initially made the song, it was just flat, but his brother “took it from 100% to 200%”, he said. Milla admits that he learnt a lot during the period of making their soulful song. It will be part of a compilation, Tiger Stripes Ep, including Darbuka and Musique’s tracks. By the end of October their Ep should be available on online music stores.

Yuba Recordings Tiger Stripes Ep


Last, but not least, the two gentlemen previewed ‘Love Is The Answer (Dub Mix)’ which is currently a promo on Traxsource, produced by Ak Afrika and remixed by Etu beats. You may buy the single here.

Listen to the music on the below video and leave a comment with your view.

Yuba Recordings Love Is The Answer