‘Everyone’ thinks they are a star until efforts to achieve their stardom is required. Their first encounter with a challenge would demotivate them to continue pursuing what they have always dreamt of. Doubt would cloud their minds and most probably they would give-up. Zameka, though, she isn’t similar to ‘everyone’. Growing up in a shebeen, where all sorts of genres were played from Kwaito, Rhythm and Blues classics and to House music, engraved her love for music. At school, teachers would advise her to choose a ‘safe’ career like being a doctor, a lawyer or something, but that “itch” of becoming a singer kept nudging her ever so gently; by the time she was in Grade 12, she believed that’s what she’ll have to pursue.

Zameka Nkumande was born and raised in the Northern township of Pretoria (Tshwane), Soshanguve, the home of Kalawa Jazmee Records Uhuru’s three members, Mapiano, DJ Maphorisa and Xeli, and of DJ Fortee (Whom she did a song with called ‘never goodbye‘, available on Beatport.). At 11 years she wrote her first song.

The forever smiling, friendly, talented singer spoke to us about her ways of hustling, amongst other things. She uses social media to reach out to producers or artists. ‘Story Teller’, a song Prince Kaybee did with her and which is available on his debut album ‘Better Days’, wouldn’t have existed, if she didn’t do “the hunting”. Through this approach, she got an opportunity to work with Trademark on two songs, one being her hot Afro House single, ‘Kiki Riki’, currently on heavy radio rotation.

On the ‘Zameka On Her Single ‘Kiki Riki’ And More‘ YouTube video she also spoke about other artists she has worked with like DJ Tira and African Roots, to mention a few, how she became part of Moz Boy Music and her views on women’s role in South African House music.

This lady believes “If you sleep, your dreams sleep”, that’s her drive behind these achievements. Hence, she is far apart from being like ‘everyone’. She knows what she wants and she is gunning for it.