The Crazy Voodoo music video by ZuluMafia featuring Ras Vadah captures sweet unforgettable moments of love at first sight. All the action; courtship, persuasion and playing hard to get, taking place e-kasi (township).

Zulumafia Digital Entertainment (ZMD) dropped the Afrocentric love single in December 2016 and a few days later the video was out. Pixel Prestige Media produced and directed it.

Crazy Voodoo’s video casts include ZuluMafia, Ras Vadah, Zethu and a few others. The location isekasi, if it’s Soweto, ngeke ng’mangale (I won’t be surprised).

The story line is simple: Ijitha (Ras Vadah) sees umanakazi (Zethu), he courtships her and she plays hard to get. He goes insanely crazy over her, she occupies his mind daily, his friends laugh at him when she declines to give him her number, but finally they date.

Having more House music videos will be great for Mzansi’s scene. Besides gaining from collaborating with other players in the industry, songs will be on TV.

We applaud ZMD for this move.

Watch ZuluMafia’s ‘Crazy Voodoo’ official music video below and comment with your views.